Name & surname: Mr Data Gabriel

Title: Assistant Commissioner — Geology


M.Sc. in Earth Resources Exploration from ITC, Enschede, the Netherlands.

B.Sc. in Geology and Chemistry from Makerere, University of Kampala, Uganda

Work experience:

Sustainable Management of Mineral Resources Project (SMMRP) — Project Technical Officer (2008–2011):

Project activities included airborne geophysical surveys of Uganda, geological mapping of 80% of the country and mineral resources assessment, establishment of geoscience database management systems, institutional capacity building (staff training, refurbishment of offices and laboratories, procurement of equipment)

Airborne Geophysical Surveys and Geological Mapping of Karamoja Project (GSK) — Project Coordinator (2011–2015)

Project activities included promotion of geological surveys of Karamoja Region, the remaining 20% of the country, mining investment in the region, construction of the regional mineral centre and capacity building

Mineral Wealth and Mining Infrastructure Development Project (MWAMID) — Deputy Project Coordinator (2015–2020)

I am involved in formulating policy guidelines on geological resources development and trade, promotion of investment in mineral resources of Uganda, formulating principles of value addition to mineral commodities, skills development and local content, mineral certification and management of conflicts related to minerals. I am a member of committee on development of the iron and steel industry in Uganda. I participate in designing and planning mineral exploration programmes focusing on strategic minerals to spur economic development and to guide infrastructure planning and policy formulation.


Member of Geology Society of Uganda, Mining Indaba, South Africa, United Nations Framework Classification (UNFC) Geneva, Development Minerals Programme


In 1995 immediately after obtaining a B.Sc., I joined the Petroleum Exploration and Production Department as a geologist where we carried out geological mapping of the Lake George and Lake Edward basin in the Western Rift Valley before joining Department of Geological Survey and Mines as a geochemist. I actively carried out prospecting for minerals across the country, notably gold exploration in Buhweju, Muko, Busia and Mubende which have today become gold producing regions of Uganda, I explored iron ores in SW Uganda, tin, tantalite, niobium and tungsten in central and southwest Uganda. In 2003, I was promoted to senior geologist and then to principal geologist — exploration in 2016 where I led the implementation of mineral exploration programmes, I participated in mineral investment promotion locally and internationally, still involved in planning and budgeting for the Directorate of the Geological Survey and Mines

Currently I am Assistant Commissioner — Geology tasked with development and implementation of geological mapping, geochemical surveys and mineral exploration programmes. Key responsibilities include: policy formulation and implementation pertaining to geological mapping, geochemical surveys and mineral exploration programmes, development of strategic plans, budgets and reporting, geological mapping and appraisal of mineral resources for further development, development of human capital for management of geological and mineral resources and monitoring of earthquakes and other geo-hazards so as to provide advice to the government and the public.

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