Name & surname: Mr Abdoulaye Ouedraogo

Title: Director of Geological and Mining Research at the Bureau of Mining and Geology of Burkina (BUMIGEB)


Diploma of Advanced Studies or Masters II Research in Applied Earth, Water and Soil Sciences (Structural Geology).

Work experience:

From 2007–2008, I worked for a Canadian mining company called High River Gold (HRG). It is a private company in which I undertook geological and mining research and worked as a geologist specializing in general geological mapping. The work performed was varied and included planning and conducting geochemical surveys of soils and rocks, mapping geological details, monitoring mine drilling (RAB, RC, DD) and describing cuttings and structural measurements on drill cores from various projects of the company.

From September 2008, I am employed by the Bureau of Mining and Geology of Burkina (BUMIGEB), as a geological engineer in the Geological Field Mapping Section where the main tasks were to carry out field trips — organize the field team, transport and any other equipment required for the trip.

From 2008–2011, as Project Manager, I was in charge of planning and carrying out geological mapping at a scale of 1:200 000 on the Diapaga–Kirtachi sheet, eastern Burkina Faso. The work resulted in the creation of the geological map and explanatory notes of the area. From 2011–2013, I also coordinated the geological mapping work at the scale 1:200 000 of the Oudalan sheet in northern Burkina Faso and from 2013–2015 the geological mapping at the scale 1:200 000 of the Gaoua–Batié sheet in southwestern Burkina Faso. The work resulted in geological map models and technical reports.

During the same time, I was in charge of coordinating several mining research projects for private mining companies. My main tasks were to plan, carry out technical activities and go to the field for geological mapping work.

From June 2015–August 2016, I contributed to and participated in work with experts from the French Geological Survey (BRGM) in the regional geochemical survey of stream sediments in southwestern Burkina Faso, as part of the Project to Support the Development of the Mining Sector (PADSEM). This work made it possible to identify the mineral resources of this part of the country.

I also contributed to and participated in a collaboration with the experts of EFFIGIS, a geological survey based in Canada, from April 2016–June 2018, in the geological mapping work at the scale 1:200 000 and 1:1000 000 of Burkina Faso. This work resulted in the development of geological maps and explanatory notes.

From 2015–2017, I was appointed Regional Director of BUMIGEB–Bobo, in charge of coordinating and executing BUMIGEB's mining and geological programmes and projects at the Burkina Faso Regional level. And since 2017, I have been Director of Geological and Mining Research, in charge of the design, planning, execution and monitoring-control of BUMIGEB's mining and geological programmes and projects.


Since 2013, I have been an active member of the Association of Geologists of Burkina Faso (AGBF) and I was Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Geologists' Conference, the same year. And since 2014, a founding member and President of the Workers' Mutual of Bureau of Mining and Geology of Burkina (BUMIGEB).


I am a geological and mining mapping expert with 12 years of experience in the mining sector in Burkina Faso. I have contributed to deepening the knowledge of several mining companies' research projects. I have 11 years of experience at BUMIGEB and I have coordinated, participated or contributed to the realization of several geological mapping projects and mining research in the country. I have also coordinated and contributed to the preparation of various BUMIGEB strategic documents, including: the strategic plan, the State/BUMIGEB plan contract, annual activity programmes, etc.

Since 2017, I have been the Head of the Geological and Mining Research Directorate (DRGM), the department responsible for coordinating the supervision units for geological and mining work: GIS and remote sensing, geological mapping, mining and energy research and geoscientific information management. I also supervised teams of geologists at different times during the implementation of projects in collaboration with technical and financial partners.

I coordinated the activities of the Project to Support the Development of the Mining Sector (PADSEM), financed by the World Bank. PADSEM started in March 2012 and closed in June 20. During this time, I was responsible for planning and budgeting activities, ensuring that the work was carried out properly in accordance with the plan.

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