Surname and first name:

Tafer — Bakir Karima

Title: Chair of the Management Committee of the Geological Survey Agency of Algeria


State engineer in geology — speciality: hydrogeology: University of Science and Technology

2/ Masters degree 2 in Hydrogeology/ University of Science and Technology

Work experience:

  • Geological database project: collection and processing of bibliographic data on the geology of Algeria (1994–2001)
  • Algerian geosites project
  • Inventory of the mineral resources of Algeria project: production of booklets on useful commodities
  • Responsible for publications of the Geological Survey of Algeria: follow-up and supervision of scientific articles to be published in journals and books published by the Geological Survey of Algeria (2001–2011)
  • In charge of geoinformation: Geological Data Bank, Information science, Publications and Earth Sciences Library
  • Responsible for mapping: monitoring and supervision of mapping projects
  • Member of the Management Committee of the Geological Survey Agency of Algeria


Recruited into the Geological Survey of Algeria in 1994, I joined the geological database department where I collected and processed publications on the geology of Algeria. At the same time, I was tasked with producing booklets on useful commodities for certain regions in Algeria. In 2001, I joined the Publication Department where I was in charge of the editorial secretariat which entails monitoring and supervision, in respect of the journals of the geological survey and the publication of scientific articles. From 2006, I managed the Publication Department.

In 2011, I was promoted to Deputy Director of Geoinformation where I was the manager of three departments: publications, the databank and the earth science library. In 2014, I was appointed Head of the Documentation Department and, in 2017, I was promoted to the post of Director and Member of the Management Committee of the Agency.

Currently, I hold the position of Chair of the Management Committee of the Agency of the Geological Survey of Algeria. I am responsible for developing strategic plans for the development of the agency and ensuring its operation in terms of geological infrastructure, in particular for the development of the geological infrastructure programme of geological mapping and thematic maps (geophysics, geochemistry …), analysis and prevention of geological risks, inventory and conservation of important geological sites, for the development and updating of the mineral inventory, the management of legal deposit and the dissemination of information as well as the management of the geological database

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Atlas of African Geosites

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