Training Session

WP7-B Geoscientific information Management
 PanAfGeo WP7 organises altogether nine (9) training sessions in Geoscientific Information Management across Africa during 2017-2019.  The WP7 programme proposes three (3) independent modules:

  • WP7-A: Database management, handling of spatial data and GIS interface;
  • WP7-B: Spatial data infrastructure – Data modelling – Interoperability standards – Data dissemination;
  • WP7-C: Multilayer 3D geological modelling using dedicated geoscience software.


Sessions will be run in English, French, and in Portuguese (WP7-A only) depending on the number of Portuguese-speaking applicants.

The first session of module WP7-B will be delivered in English in Tanzania. The second one (2018) will be in French, possibly in Burkina Faso or Cameroon.

It is recommended that the applicants consider their language/country preferences when choosing which training sessions to apply for.