Training Session

The aim of the “WP5 – Geohazards” training is to raise the level of knowledge of African geoscientist in scope of recognition of geohazards connected with natural geogeneous and human-induced hazards. Methods of identification of different types of geohazards, human risk evaluation and its monitoring as well as research and prevention will be an important element of the training. In case of human-induced geohazards (geopollution) restoration methods will be an important part of the training.

Please complete the documents and send them to:

WP5 Co-leader: Dr. Souleymane DIOP (CGS)

WP5 technical coordinator: Prof. Wołkowicz Stanisław (PGI-NRI)


In order to be considered, applicants for the PanAfGeo Training Session entitled “WP6 – Geohazards” must complete the documents: